About Us

When I started this blog, I had an idea in mind.

It wasn’t my first blog. I had tried two different types. One worked pretty well, but I found myself deprived of time to work on it. I then stopped. But the itch was still there and I had to find a way to work it out.

So I started The Librocubicularista, a place where I wanted to share my love for books without any pressure. I didn’t tell anyone (except my boyfriend, because it’s hard to hide these sort of things) that I started this little project. People would find as I would go along, and as it wasn’t something I did regularly, I chose to keep it to myself and to take it easy. To build my style before I go out there.

I just lied, my boyfriend wasn’t the only one who knew about it. Even though it was my “secret” project, my best friends knew about it (as always). So, L ended up joining me on my adventure. She is the curator of our Instagram (because believe me, I have no sense of aesthetic) and one of the admin here.

I will be the “admin”, but I won’t be alone and that’s the beauty of this blog (and the Instagram that goes with it).




Who is C?

Carolane Vallée
26 years old
English as a Second Language Teacher
M.A. in English Literatures
Happily in love since 2012
Has a cat named Noe

Who is L?

Laurie Gagnon
26 years old
Probably British in another life
If I’m not thinking about travelling I’m probably thinking about food